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Vastenctie / 2018


A short documentary about Beatrice, a mother in Zambia who is HIV-positive and working with local community partners to battle the stigma around the disease.

2018 W³ Awards, Online Video Nonprofit “Best in Show”

2018 Communicator Award, Branded Content Non-Profit for Online Video “Award of Excellence”

2018 Davey Award, Online Film/Video - Charitable/Not-for-Profit Gold Award

2018 The Lovie Awards, Bronze Statuette

Made in partnership with Vastenactie.



Production Company: Blue Chalk Media

Executive Producers: Pam Huling, Greg Moyer

Producer: Léo Hamlin

Creative Director: Rob Finch

Directors of Photography: Jamie Francis, Jason Greene

Production Assistant: Srushti Kamat

Editor: Kylie Juggert

Assistant Editors: Jesse Crowell, Maria Kjellstrand

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