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Food Network / 2021

Director, Producer, Editor

The digital authority on Chinese cooking in English, the Leung Family is the small but mighty team behind the internet-famous cooking blog, The Woks of Life. This family of four garner millions of website views every month by working together to curate, research, develop, and cook Chinese recipes for their worldwide audience.

As with any family business, there are complicated family dynamics and the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen” occasionally feels appropriate. But the respect and love Bill, Judy, Sarah and Kaitlin have for each other make them and The Woks of Life one of a kind.

Digital Series


Production Company: Blue Chalk Media

Director, Producer, Editor: Kylie Juggert

Executive Producer: Greg Moyer

Supervising Producer: Matthew Slutsky

Director of Photography: Megan Eleanor Clark

Second Camera: Mimi D’Autremont

Sound Mixer: Emily Strong

Assistant Camera: Malachi Broadus

Graphics & Animation: Miró Merrill, Conner Lee

Production Manager: Sebastián Weinberg, Jessica Stewart

Assistant Editor: Aubrey Moore

Color: Darren Hartman

Creative & Sound Design: Jesse Crowell

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