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Le Labo / 2021

Producer, Co-Editor

Three families reminisce on the generations-old craft of bergamot farming and essential oil extraction in the south of Italy. In doing so, a unique relationship between man and nature is revealed; one that can be enigmatic to the everyday Soul but is as familiar to the farmers as the trees themselves.

Made in collaboration with Le Labo Fragrances. 

Featured on Nowness.

Branded Documentary


Production Company: In Common Films

Creative Director: Deborah Royer

Director: Megan Eleanor Clark

Producer: Kylie Juggert

Director of Photography: Megan Eleanor Clark

Editors: Kylie Juggert, Megan Eleanor Clark

Assistant Editor: Carolina Fudala

Music: Ryan Taubert, Max L.L., Hotel Neon

Color: Joseph Malina

Sound Design & Mix: Chip Sloan, Th3rd Sound

VFX: Courtland Sherreitt

Fixer: Francesca Pacchiano, 8Feet Fixer

Steadicam Operator: Claudio Marceddu

Sound Operator: Chiara Santella

1st Assistant Camera, Focus Puller: Gioia Casale Cambria

2nd Assistant Camera, Grip: Anastasia Angelini

Drone Operators: Dario Della Mora & Emiliano Musuraca, Aeropix

Additional Cinematography: Daniele Botteselle

Set Photographer: Francesca Cao

Translator: Rosanna Pacchiano

Production Assistants: Monica Pacchiano, Vincenzo Pacchiano

Gear Driver: Antonio Silvestri


Marcello Foti, Riccardo & Napoleone Foti

Ugo Sergi

Vincenzo & Diego Amodeo

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